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Choose from our range of Mount Street stocks as well as a wide variety of G.F Smith Colorplan.

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Our print processes


Also known as ‘copperplate’ or ‘die stamping’, engraving is synonymous with high-end printing. This skilled and world renowned process, produces raised text using a copper die that leaves a gentle “bruise” on the back of the card, giving it a distinctive look.


Sometimes referred to as imitation engraving, thermography is a practical alternative that lacks engraving’s distinctive “bruise” on the back of the card. A resin powder is applied to wet ink and then heat fused to create raised text that has a slight sheen.


Centuries old, the letterpress process offers an imprinted or de-bossed impression on the card. Particularly suited to thick and soft cotton like papers, to highlight the technique.

Foil Stamping

A heat transfer process – hot foil stamping produces stunning results, especially when metallic or unusual foils are pressed into the card stock to create a striking look with a gentle impression.